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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Cozy and Feel Sexy in Footed Pajamas

Men footed pajamas

Pumpkin spice dainties, mulled apple cider, breezy days and changing leaves all signal the start of the fall season. For many people this time of year can be magical, as nature begins the process of turning inwards in preparation for winter. The days are shorter, the temperatures are cooler, and things just feel a bit slower. Aside from seasonal flavors, fall drinks, and shorter days, fall is also known to be the perfect time of year for sweater weather. ‘Tis definitely the season.

Sweaters can make a great fashion statement and are an excellent way to comfortably ease into fall’s cooler temperatures, but they can be kind of boring. After all, everyone begins to wear sweaters this time of year, and after a while they may not seems as fun, unique, or interesting. This is where pajama on

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Writer Makes Shocking Claim Ditch the Wedding Dress Altogether!

36 inch sparklers

An impassioned article recently published online at Quartz includes a shocking thesis sure to anger brides past, present, and future. Writer Assya Barrette argues that “It’s time to say goodbye to the wedding industry’s most unnecessarily extravagant fantasy,” the wedding dress.

Yes, this already-married writer thinks that your beloved wedding dress is nothing if not an “extravagant” waste of money. She goes on:

“Material possessions have become a part of our identity. Brands are the new tribal symbols, monetary value the new measure of our self-worth.
Modern wedding dresses in particular represent a microcosm of

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Wondering What Makes You Beautiful? Read On Here

Cute blue jean shorts

With so much fashion advice and opinions of beauty in our society and the media, it can be hard to find something that makes you feel comfortable or sexy! There’s a thousand things telling us what we should like, but every woman is different and should be encouraged to go out and find her own unique style! From boho fashion to mini club dresses to a nice T-shirt and jeans, every woman should find the wardrobe that’s best for her lifestyle. And with American women adding an average of about 64 new items to her closet every year, it’s important to have things you like. Sometimes it’s good to have a few basics like cute bathing suits, a little black dress, and a variety of fashion necklaces to spice up an outfit.

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