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Camo Clothing Has a Greater Variety of Uses These Days

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Traditionally, the goal of camo clothing has been to enable the wearer to become indistinguishable from his or her environment. The patterns on either camouflage hunting clothes or military clothing are designed with this in mind, an effect, known as “crypsis.”

The Patterns that were most ubiquitous among American soldiers during World War II were designed by Jacques Villon and Grant Wood. In the 1990′s amidst the Gulf War, the camouflage utilized by American armed forces had names called “chocolate chip” and “cookie dough,” which were ideal for the desert landscape.

In addition to different patterns, colors are also used to have a disassociative effect on the brain’s cognitive ability to recognize visuals. And though the most common camo design in the country is referred to as “United Sates Woodland,”

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Three Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Western Wear for Your Lifestyle

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There’s really nothing like western wear. It’s a look that can’t be replicated easily. In some cases, western wear can be appropriate for different occasions, from work to formal events. Whether you’re looking for the best west clothes for men and women or you need to buy western boots cheap, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind as you search for the right outfit. Here are a few features of western clothes you’ll want to look for.

With western wear, authenticity is key. Many western fashion accessories can come with rhinestones or other cheap appliques, which can look unattractive or gaudy in some settings. L

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Camouflage Is Not Just for Military Garb or Hunting Anymore

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Are you looking for a way to augment your wardrobe and add some new, perhaps more audacious style to your fashion palette? If so you may want to consider camo clothing. But what is camouflage?

Camouflage’s ability to help the wearer effectively hide amidst his or her surroundings through similarities in both pattern and color–making it difficult to identify individual objects–has long made it a great fit for military forces. As early as the 1800′s, camo came into use to counteract the improved effectiveness of guns and other weapons.

While various militaries still use camouflage–including the American military, among all the various branches–comparable kinds of patterns and colors can be found in everything from ca

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