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Where Custom Designed Tee Shirts and Technology Meet

T shirt embroidery

Advertising, marketing, and design have come a long way since the Golden Age (think Mad Men) of advertising during the 1960′s. While some basic principles are still very much applicable and relevant, Don Draper’s head would be spinning in a world ripe with guerrilla marketing, flash mobs, and hashtags. #justsaying

However, humans are interesting being. We always were, and will always be visual creatures. As such, custom designed tee shirts are an excellent and highly effective way to build brand recognition and promote a business or cause. Used in conjunction with a solid online marketing campaign, custom designed tee shirts can easily make a cause go viral overnight.

Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, a number of custom print tee shirt websites are gearing up for the holiday shopping

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Why Custom Design Tee Shirts Are Making a Strong Comeback in the Digital Age

Digital print tee shirts designs

It comes as no surprises that Americans are t shirt lovers. The quintessential American
“uniform” is a t shirt, a pair of denim jeans, and a pair of comfortable sneakers. T shirts are iconic, fashion staples that span decades and generations. Now, in today’s modern times ripe with tech gadgets and status updates, t shirts are making a comeback.

In fact, custom designed tee shirts are a hot commodity and not just for hipsters and trendsters. Businesses both large and small are turning to t shirt printing services to create dynamic, visually engaging custom designed tee shirts in an effort to support their digital marketing campaigns. The designs on Read more ...

A Brief Engagement Ring Timeline

Expensive engagement rings

Engagement rings may seem like a fairly new trend that’s prominent only in Western cultures, and it’s no secret that many people see this particular type of custom jewelry as superfluous and flashy. But believe it or not, engagement rings actually have a pretty long history that extends all the way back to ancient times. Don’t believe it? Take a look…

Ancient Egypt and Rome: Anthropologists and archaeologists often believe that the practice of giving a ring in exchange for a marriage promise originated during this time. While some people take a pessimistic approach (e.g., rings allowed men to show ownership over women), plenty of others note that ancient people developed the practice of placing custom engagement rings on the third finger of the left hand because it was believ

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