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The Top Three Options For A More Youthful Appearance

Testosterone replacement therapy

Everyone has something that they would like to change about their appearance. It’s human nature to pursue perfection — and while exact perfection may be impossible to achieve, you have the right to look the way you want to. People often think that plastic surgery has to be invasive, and for that matter that it’s a shallow pursuit. For one thing, looking your best on the outside often means that you’ll feel better inside. The pursuit of looking youthful also often involves diet, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices. This means that your overall health can be improved through your efforts to improve your appearance. Of course, there is more to bettering your appea

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EMF The Realities, The Risks, And How You Can Protect Yourself

Bioshield necklace

Each day, we go throughout life exposed to things that harm us without our knowledge. Some things we know about, and accept because there is no way to both live life and prevent exposure. Other things are more obvious, and easier to avoid. Then there are the insidious problems, the ones that are “invisible”, with effects that you won’t see for a long time to come. One of those things that you should be concerned about in particular is the phenomenon of electromagnetic fields, or EMF. EMF is something that we in our technology-dependent world need to be aware of now more than ever. The long-term effects haven’t been seen to their full extent yet, but they will be as people become more and more dependent on their electronic devices — and therefore more exposed to EMF. Yet at the same time, nobody can

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How To Get Rid of Your Stuff and Make a Charitable Donation

Charities that pick up donations

There are many reasons to downsize — from decluttering your home to making money. Indeed, the thing most people always seem to have too many of is clothes. And, when people downsize their wardrobes, they don’t always donate them to worthy causes. An estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown out in the United States each year. Considering that there are so many people who need clothing to keep them warm and send their children to school, it is a shocking statistic.

Consider that an estimated 27% of military families in the United States have over $10,000 in credit card debt. Donating clothing spe

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