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Why Custom Print Tees Are Still Relevant In Today’s Digital Ad Age

Digital print tee shirts designs

It may be surprising to most people to learn that custom print tees are still proving to be the one of the most effective means of promotional advertising in this modern, digital age. In fact, the promotional products industry generated a whopping $18.5 billion in revenue 2011, up from 4.4%. More and more companies are taking advantage of the distinct qualities of custom print tees in order to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Custom digital t shirt printing is process that requires a great amount of skill, accuracy, and creativity in order to deliver a beautifully crafted and eye-catching product. Read more ...

How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Furniture stores in chesapeake va

If you want to enjoy your living room, you’re going to need to arrange your furniture well. Here are a few tips to help.

Decide What the Focal Point of Your Living Room Is.

Everyone uses their living room for a different reason. For some it’s their place for their entertainment system. For others, it’s a sitting room where conversations can be had. For others, it’s a casual place to get some drinks and relax around the fireplace. What do you want to use your living room for? The purpose will determine the focal point, which your living room furniture should be arranged around.

Put the Largest Piece of Living Room Furniture Opposite the Focal Point.

Most living room Read more ...

Finding Affordable Engagement Rings

Half carat diamond stud earrings

You can find cheap platinum engagement rings for sale in many places. By cheap, we mean affordable and still beautiful, not cheap as in tacky and fake looking. Some cheap platinum engagement rings you can find include antique art deco engagement rings, colored diamond engagement rings, and cushion cut diamond engagement rings. This is not to mention rings of different stones that you can purchase such as ruby, emerald, and onyx to name a few. Yearly, the U.S. jewelry industry produces approximately $33 billion. The jewelry industry also employs 172,889 people.

When people get married, they first get engaged, using a cheap platinum engagement rings or something to that standard. The average len

Read more ...

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