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How Do Vaping and Smoking Measure Up to One Another?

Disposable electronic cigarettes

Are you trying to quit smoking? If so, you may have heard about using electronic cigarettes in order to quit. While research is still being done to determine the positive and negative effects of vaping, or using an e cig, many will agree that it is far safer than smoking a tobacco cigarette. If you’re considering vaping, you would join the 2.5 million (and counting) adults in the United States who have also made the switch.

Take a look at this breakdown on vaping vs smoking, so you can make an informed decision about how to quit.


People turn to smoking for many different reasons, but above all, most people say that it helps them relax. This may not be entirely accurate, however, given that smoking speeds up your heart rate. Cigarettes contain a number of

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Three Celebrities Who Took Their Love of Hair Extensions to the Next Level

Weaves and natural hair

It’s no secret that celebrities love hair extensions. From Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Lawrence, there are few Hollywood females who haven’t used hair extensions to add body to hair and lengthen their locks, whether it’s for a role or the red carpet.

And it’s having a pretty big impact on our own beauty habits — studies have shown that more women are choosing to get seek out hair extension services due to celebrity culture. More than ever, we want the same long, full hairstyles that celebrities are able to achieve without having to wait for our own hair to grow.

Many female celebrities love hair extensions so much that they’ve even dec

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Etsy Could Become a Public Company

Unique jewelry

Across the United States, hand made jewelry is a surprising huge business. Whether the term refers to leather bracelets or hand crafted necklaces, consumers have found that hand made is the best source of unique jewelry pieces and other accessories. Moreover, many retailers are willing to make custom jewelry, an attractive option for people who are allergic to certain metals or simply have precise tastes. Because of this, websites like Etsy have become extremely popular in recent years. Established in 2005, this virtual marketplace features thousan

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