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Three Hair Extension FAQs You Might Be Too Afraid to Ask

Hair extension info

Over the last few years, hair extensions — particularly sew in extensions — have become more popular than ever before as a way for women to add several inches of beautiful, sleek tresses to their hairstyles.

Over the last two years alone, the number of hair salons offering extensions to their clients has jumped by an amazing 28.5%. It’s clear that demand for hair extensions is the highest it has ever been, thanks to the number of celebrities who flaunt their extensions. So if you think you might want to invest in a set of extensions, you’re certainly not alone.

Still undecided as to whether sew in hair extensions are the right choice for adding some extra length to your Read more ...

Three Tips and Tricks for Finally Starting an Exercise Routine

Athletic apparel and accessories for women

Spring is in the air, which means temperatures are getting hotter, hemlines are getting higher, and the official start of bikini season is right around the corner. Whether you’re looking to tone up for the warmer months or just jump start a healthier lifestyle by starting an exercise routine, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Find a buddy.
One of the hardest parts of starting an exercise routine is finding the motivation to do it. Finding a buddy to do your workout with you will help. Ask a friend or family member to join a class or get a gym membership with you and mark dates and times to dedicate to working out as well, since it will give you no excuse not to go. Having someone to help motivate you is important for starting and sticking wi

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Three Camo Items You’d Be Surprised to Know Actually Exist

Camo formal prom dresses

The fashionable and trend-setting camouflage clothing for men and women that can be seen almost everywhere nowadays was never meant to be a fashion statement. In fact, army camo clothing was created out of sheer necessity.

During World War II, the French eagerly sought a way to conceal their forces from the enemy while in forests and other wooded areas. As a result, they commissioned two artists, known as camoufleurs, to create a pattern that would allow their troops blend in seamlessly with the forest environment. It goes without saying that the design was a success, and was instrumental in bringing down the axis of evil.

Now, camouflage has matured far beyond it’s military origins can has inspired a

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