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How Your Donations To Veterans Can Help Those In Need

As of 2014, there were an estimated 22 million military veterans living in the United States and as of 2014, 3.8 million veterans were living with a service-connected disability.

There are many ways to go about helping disabled veterans. Organizations such as Purple Heart Pickup accept a myriad of items that are donated to disabled veterans. Of course there are many organizations that accept clothing donations and many that support charities for wounded soldiers.

Many donated products are given new life in developing nations where individuals purchase used American goods for pennies of their original price. Internationally, more than 14.3 million tons of donated American textiles help clothe people and families worldwide.

If you’re considering helping disabled veterans, there are many reasons to do so. Not only do donations of clothing and other items go a long way in helping disabled veterans, donating is better for the environment and can be used as a write-off when ta

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Four Ways to Help Families in Need

What can you do about helping families in need? There are plenty of things you can do to help out those in need, from donating your time to making charity donations, to sending your clothes to organizations that help military families. Here are some ideas for how you can get involved in helping families in need.

Donate Your Services

We all have something that we can do. There are plenty of services that families and individuals need in order to keep them going. You could cut someone’s hair, help to fix plumbing or electrical issues, give someone’s children a ride to school, or even provide meals to those who don’t have the resources to take care of all of life’s needs for themselves. You don’t always have to give money. Sometimes giving is as simple as a ride in the car.

Give Goods

We all have goods lying around that could be helping families in need. There are plenty of places where you can make charitable Read more ...

Clever Ways to Show Support to Military Families

Military support

For every deployed service men and women, there are children, spouses and even parents left behind. These people must ultimately continue with their lives while their loved ones are on duty calls. Military families face a lot of challenges especially if they’ve just moved to a new location. The transition period can be hard for them to handle without the help from family, friends and the community they live in. Some of the difficulties military families go through include loneliness, fear of the unknown, financial concerns, blending into the community, overwhelming responsibilities among others. Both spouses and children will try to handle the situation in different ways based on factors such as maturity, age and personalities. Often, the way a parent will cope the stress of deployment will have direct impact

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