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Archive for December, 2017

Sea Glass Jewelry Continues to Grow in Popularity

Sea glass bracelet designs

Your girls only received one gift each for Christmas this year. You made a purchase of two sea glass pendants that were representative of Thor family’s upcoming family vacation. With a trip planned to Santorini, Greece, in celebration of two graduations and an anniversary, you had said there would be no gifts. You decided,however, that the sea glass pendants were a great representation of the days that you would be spending on the beach.
Three years ago when you realized that your youngest daughter would be graduating for high school, your oldest daughter would be graduating from college, and you and your husband would be celebrating your 30 year anniversary, the family

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Facts You Need to Know Before Your Next Tattoo or Piercing


Tattooing and piercing one’s body has become a way to express oneself. It’s more popular than ever as according to a recent poll, 47% of Millennials and 36% of Gen Xers say they have at least one tattoo. Additionally, 14% say they have body piercings in places other than their ear lobe. Many people find this the easiest way to express themselves, but there are things one needs to know before they start changing their appearance.

First, it might seem obvious, but choosing the right tattoo parlor is of key importance. Making sure they are credible and pass every health code is important, along with their style and art course. Tattoo designs are incredibly important to people, which is why 49% of people with tattoo designs say the reputation of the tattoo parlor is the most important factor when choosing where t

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Made to Measure vs Bespoke Suits and Why the Difference is Important

Best mens suits

Men’s fashion is extremely important to them, which is why they want the best service possible when choosing their suits. From businessmen, to men who want to take their lady out on a night on the town, it’s important to have a suit for every occasion – and every successful man knows this. Nearly 63% of men in America say that fashion is important to them, so looking slick and proper for any event will keep most men happy – and comfortable with their style.

Bespoke or Made to Measure?

Choosing between Bespoke or Made to measure suits can be one of the most important decisions you make when you want your suit to be tailore

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The Everyday Risks Of Construction The Best Equipment To Keep Your Employees Safe

Safety jackets for construction

How do you keep yourself safe on the job?

Whether you work in the sweltering heat outside for hours or are hunched in your office until the middle of the night typing, safety concerns are an unavoidable aspect of a healthy career. Some wash their hands after moving around the building to avoid catching the flu, while others regularly pause while typing to keep their wrists from giving out. Custom reflective jackets, reflective t shirts and safety vests all work in conjunction to keep construction workers as safe as possible from the moment they clock on to the last few minutes on their shift.

Is your workplace

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Three tips for getting the best business casual look

Finest mens suits

More and more companies are allowing a casual business wear look in the office. Half of senior business managers say that their workers are dressing more casually, even in just the past five years. And while that’s good news for some, for others it can actually make it more difficult to decide what to wear.

Business dress rules may have changed, but human nature has not. Studies show that most of us make our first impression of a person in the first 7-17 seconds, and 55% of our evaluation depends on physical appearance.

Your casual business dress could be crucial to the career impressions you’re making; because not only does our look inform people’s first impressions of us, but

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