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Archive for January, 2018

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Add Character to Your Home

Smocked nighties

Your home is more than just your castle. It is a reflection of your personal style. The problem is many of us are not happy with the way our homes look. In recent surveys, only one-fifth of all people in the United States said they were happy with the decor in their home. The styles we like for our homes is different. About 44% of all Americans say they like traditional looks, another 22% say they prefer modern homes, about 13% like electric home, nearly 10% like the country look, and 2% want a look that says “global.” To improve the look of your home and give it more character, there are small things you can do. From adding a few accents such as embroidered tissue box covers or

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How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

Pandora jewelry

Picking out an engagement ring isn’t always an easy feat. You have to take a lot of different factors into consideration including knowing what your partner would like in terms of design a style, and also thinking about what kind of budget you need to stay in. If you’re a lucky guy or gal thinking about getting your partner an engagement ring or wedding ring, there are many different aspects of ring-hunting to think about.

A beginner’s guide to engagement rings: Are they the same as wedding rings? What is the difference?

An engagement ring is a ring that you give your partner to ask for their hand in marriage. Traditionally, it is a woman who receives the engagement ring, which she will wear on her hand from that moment of proposal onward. Wedding rings, on the contrary, are exchanged between partne

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First Spa Experience? Don’t be Nervous

Brow tinting

The idea of going to a spa can make some people a bit nervous. What?s going to happen? How do I choose from among so many treatments, like eyebrow tinting or waxing, or so many different kinds of massage? Will I be strong armed into buying spa products like nail products or waxing supplies? Beyond all that, what?s the etiquette for behavior at the spa? If I don’t know what to do or where to go, will people be annoyed with me? Some people who?ve been given gift cards won?t even go because they?re so anxious about the whole experience! If this describes you, here are some tips and information to help you relax and enjoy your first time at a spa

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What Do We Look For In Jewelry? What Your Tastes Say About You

Bering watches

Jewelry is a luxury we love to indulge in.

To bedazzle our wrists or decorate our necks is to bring out our innermost personality for all to see. Not only do we use custom jewelry and Bering watches to put ourselves on blast, we use precious stones to show our friends and family what they mean to us. Is it possible to enjoy the luxurious appeal of high-end jewelry while still contributing positively to the environment? This question is being asked more and more…and companies may just have an answer.

The delicate balance between environmental awareness and finely crafted diamond rings is perfectly suited to the art form. Let’s find out how.

Firstly…what do people buy rings, necklaces and bracelets for? For many centuries up to the modern day jewelry has been used to con

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