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Archive for June 12th, 2018

The Importance Of Using Reusable Bags Instead Of Disposable Bags

From personalized wine totes to the personalized trick or treat bag, using a reusable bag in place of a disposable one can make a huge difference. Disposable bags are hugely detrimental for a number of reasons. For one, disposable bags can get expensive over time, especially as many areas in the country of the United States have implemented bag taxes to try to curb the use of disposable paper and plastic bags. And it goes almost without saying that disposable bags are bad for the environment. For these reasons (that will be further discussed below), getting reusable personalized wine totes is a small change that everyone can make on the path towards sustainability – and it’s a small change that can make a big difference.

For starters, using disposable bags have a hugely negative effect on the environment. They take an incredibly long time to break down – as many as one thousand years in certain environments and no less than fifteen even in the best of conditions – meaning that th

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