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Archive for August 1st, 2018

How Important is the Venue Choice In Wedding Planning?

As many as half of all brides find out that planning their wedding is much more stressful than they had previously thought it would be. Some brides spend up to 11 hours planning the event each week during the lead up to the wedding. The average engagement is just over a year, or about 15 months. That is certainly a long time to be stressed. Three out of every four couples choose to live together before the wedding. There must be a way to reduce the chaos in what should be a happy and joyous time.

One Step For Reducing Wedding Planning Stress: Consider Thinking Outside the Box.

Wedding venues have expanded in recent years. Receptions can be held in homes, at hotels, banquet spaces, and even a nice meadow if the couple is so inclined. Choosing a venue for corporate events instead of a traditional romantic setting does have a few benefits.

Planning a Wedding: The First Two Musts on Your T

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