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Archive for September 12th, 2018

When Should You Throw Out Your Apparel? Five General Tips For Always Staying Safe On The Field

Protective apparel is one of your best lines of defense against injury and illness when on the job.

Even a dull day can suddenly take a hard right turn and put you in the hospital. This is why you always need to have breathable, comfortable and high-quality apparel on at all times. Construction is a dangerous field that involves constant interaction with heavy equipment, extreme weather and long hours. Not only does your hi vis hoodie and breathable rain gear need to fend off the cold, they also need to be swapped out at the nearest sign of damage. Figuring out how to save money and maintain quality can be tricky, though.

Below are the more common staples of the construction industry, from hi vis waistcoats to rain gear, and the visible signs you should swap out standard equipment.

Traction And Holes In Shoes

Every construction worker needs a good pair of shoes. While the average person walks around 10,000 steps a day, a construction worke

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