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Archive for November 27th, 2018

Are Reusable Bags the Future of Shopping?

Plastic bags are on average only used for about 25 minutes. Compare that to the average reusable bag, which is estimated to have a lifespan of about 700 disposable shopping bags. A reusable shopping bag could be as simple as picking up a reusable grocery bag in the checkout line, or it could look like having special bags for every need such as reusable wine bags. It is your choice for the design of course, but there should be no question of if you will use a reusable bag.

Can Reducing Plastic Bag Usage Really Make a Difference?

Shoppers normally give little thought to the flimsy shopping bags that hold their groceries. That indifference is gradually changing though. Disposable plastic bags are actually a huge problem in the environment.

Is It True Plastic Shopping Bags Are a Problem For Animals?

The problems plastic shopping ba

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Why Everyone Should Be Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are incredibly common here in the United States, with more than ninety five and a half million units of plano sunglasses alone sold back in the year of 2012. In the yeas that have transpired since, this number has only grown. If you’re curious as to exactly what plano sunglasses are, they are simply non prescription sunglasses, meaning that the lenses do not correct vision in any way. Plano glasses, by these standards, would simply be glasses worn for the sake of fashion, and not for any potential vision needs.

However, you can certainly buy sunglasses that have a prescription in the lenses. In fact, prescription sunglasses for men as well as prescription sunglasses for women are hugely important, as they allow people with vision problems (who do not wear contacts, at least not on a regular basis) to protect their eyes with sunglasses. And as a huge percentage of the population here in the United States alone (as well as, of course, throughout much of the rest of the wo

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Compare Prices on the Net

Hi there savvy shopper. Thanks for visiting. CompareNetPrice.com helps you find the best prices online for anything you are looking for. We also bring you stories on topics that modern shoppers will find helpful. Stop back soon!

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