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Archive for December, 2018

Celebrity drama Is it all just nonsense?

Reading about celebrities has become a great way for people to pass time, daydream or escape reality in some way. Sometimes we get caught up with our favorite actors and actresses and want to know more. And then you find yourself in the checkout line reading the covers of celebrity gossip magazines and want to know more. Most of the stuff found in the media is exaggerated and blown out of proportion but who doesn’t want to read a story about rich people caught up in drama?

Websites that focus solely on celebrity gossip have become quite popular with a lot of people. They bring in traffic from all over the world mentioning a tiny tidbit of a dramatic story, break up, car accident or drug use. Once you see that these amazing stars are just as human and vulnerable as you it makes you more interested in their lives. It seems as though it would be a challenge to maintain the perfect life in the constant eye of the paparazzi so seeing people act like us brings them down to our level. Th

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