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5 Important Benefits of Employee Safety Uniforms

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Many industries have workers who are placing themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Many industries have the need for safety uniforms including construction, law enforcement, and many others. The invention of the safety uniform has helped to keep workers safe for decades. You likely know that these uniforms will help keep your workers safe. However, you might be unaware of how many benefits you?ll receive through the implementation of safety clothing for employees. Here are five crucial reasons to include safety uniforms for your employees.

  1. Compliance with Local and National Guidelines

    There are certain organizations, both local and national, that check into the safety of working conditions. At some point, your business is going to face standard safety inspections. Not having workers wearing proper safety uniforms can land your company in major legal trouble. It?s wise to ensure the future of your business isn?t lost to a fixable mistake.
  2. Ensuring Workers Remain Safe

    In 2015, a total of 4,836 workers were killed while on the job which equals 13 worker deaths each day. Workers in many industries need to have proper safety clothing to ensure they are visible and protected. It?s especially important that new workers receive the proper safety uniform for the job. The Institute for Work and Health found that new employees carry three times the risk of an injury resulting in lost time from work when compared to other workers. Not having the proper safety equipment for workers might mean your employees walk out the door.
  3. Reduction of Pedestrian and Worker Related Accidents

    The likelihood of worker accidents occurring can increase when heavy traffic is taking place. People working near or on roads know the benefits of wearing the proper safety uniform while on the job. Not all workplace accidents will be the result of an employee or piece of equipment. It?s important to ensure that all workers are visible which helps them stay visible to nearby drivers.
  4. Assurance of Safety as Weather Conditions Change

    Project managers know that weather can change at the drop of a hat. You?ll want to make sure that your workers are equipped to deal with any type of weather condition. The presence of a light rain or wind is enough to change the entire setting of a work space. In some cases, conditions can worsen in a rapid manner. When bad weather strikes, it’s essential that your workers remain protected. Climates prone to snow and ice will need to ensure workers have protection and traction. For example, the use of high visibility rain jackets is often required in certain conditions. The danger of accidents in an outdoor workplace often increases after the sun goes down. Ensuring your workers are highly visible will help keep them safe throughout the night.
  5. Peace of Mind for a Business Owner

    Nearly every business owner has a multitude of important tasks to complete throughout the day. Knowing that every worker has a proper safety uniform is a great feeling. You can rest assured your workers are protected while you attend to other important business matters. Unprotected workers will often succumb to injury, or worse, which aren’t matters you need to worry about. There are many types of lawsuits and troubles a company can face if it doesn’t keep it’s workers safe.

In summary, there are several benefits to including safety uniforms for your workers. Having uniforms for your employees help to ensure your business is in compliance with local and national safety guidelines. Failing to meet these guidelines can potentially jeopardize the future of your business. Having safety uniforms ensures the safety of workers while they are on the job. One study found, that in 2013, nearly one third of work injuries requiring time off happened to those with less than one year of work experience. Employees, both old and new, must have the required safety gear to stay safe. Knowing your workers are safe while on the job helps every business owner feel at ease.

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