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Considering a Flower Delivery Gift? Remember These Ideas for a Unique Purchase

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Do you enjoy the idea of gifting flowers, but dislike the expected tradition that it has become? Gifting someone flowers was once considered a thoughtful gesture. Today, much of the planning that makes the gift so thoughtful has been taken out of it. You can order a generic bouquet from your phone, without ever browsing local florists or choosing something specifically designed for your recipient. You can put the thoughtful gesture back into flower gift giving with the following tips.

Shop for flowers old school style
Nothing can compare to shopping for flowers in the traditional style. Head to your local favorite florist and physically view the flowers for yourself. Touch them, smell them, and view them. Choose one of the floral bouquets that really get your intended message across. Talk with the florist shop owner and ask for recommendations. Are you gifting flowers to a friend who is feeling under the weather? Are you arranging a floral delivery to a partner that you are interested in? Are you celebrating an upcoming birthday for your mother? The specific occasion makes a difference and shopping in store is the best way to choose the most appropriate flower delivery.

Shop by smell, rather than look
Most floral purchasers choose a floral bouquet based on the look, rather than the smell. Yet, 69% of Americans say the sight and smell of flowers can improve their mood. For the most thoughtful floral delivery gift, make sure you are also paying attention to the smell. Try to choose something that your recipient will enjoy. Find out what types of smells they like best. You can usually do this by looking at their perfume, candle, and house spray choices. Then, try to choose flowers that have a similar smell.

Schedule a unique delivery
There is something especially exciting about receiving a flower delivery when away from home. Instead of scheduling your flowers to be delivered to the recipient is at home, consider having them delivered to their place of employment or even their school. They will feel even more special as they are able to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers in front of all their family and friends. If possible, request a special delivery. Choose a delivery service that sings a song or reads a poem. It will make the delivery even more memorable.

Choose an untraditional flower choice
You don?t have to purchase the flowers that are expected for an occasion. For example, many people associate roses with romance. However, you can still show your romantic feelings for someone with tulips or daises. It is more important that you choose something that is meaningful or that the recipient enjoys than sticking with traditional flower expectations. Approximately 65% of Americans feel special when receiving flowers. The thought put into the gift is more important than the actual type of flowers chosen.

Gift a houseplant or centerpiece floral arrangement
Many people enjoy flower gifts because of their beauty. What if you could gift a beautiful floral gift that also had an extended purpose? Gifting someone with a floral centerpiece or houseplant allows them to enjoy their gift for a longer period of time. During the holiday season, 25% of customers buy flowering houseplants other than poinsettias. The good thing about houseplants is that they can be transferred into the yard to continue growing.

Flowers are a timeless and traditional gift. Although the convenience of shopping for flowers has gotten easier over the years, some believe that it has taken the thought of flower gifting away. Make your flower gift deliver more memorable with a houseplant or centerpiece purchase, a delivery service to work or school, and by going with a non traditional floral choice. Your loved one will appreciate the thought and effort put into their flower gift.

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