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Five Beneficial Uses of External Signs

Political sign printing

Exterior signs have been used for many years to promote businesses, pinpoint a location, and get a message to local customers. Exterior signs are made out of a durable outdoor material that is useful for many different business industries. These are some of the most common business uses of exterior signs.

Retail businesses with storefront locations
Smaller retail businesses often do not have the same resources as larger businesses do. In order to develop a strong footprint in the community, they have to let local residents know they are there. One of the most effective, and cost efficient, ways to do this is with exterior signage. According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. The same goes for customers that are driving by. A customer is more likely to make an unplanned stop at a local retailer when they notice the sign.

Construction project sites
When construction is being completed on a project, it is important that people do not wander onto the site. It can be very dangerous to be on a construction job site without the proper qualifications. Construction mesh banners not only inform local residents of the ongoing project, but they also warn people that the area could be unsafe. Construction mesh banners can also display needed city permits, letting everyone know that the work has already been approved.

For sale signs
Real estate for sale signs is a perfect example of outdoor custom banners. These custom printed signs are different from construction mesh banners in that they encourage people to come to the location, instead of keeping away from it. These signs give local community members additional information about the property. They often include a phone number of the agent, the property address, and a website to get even more information. Exterior real estate signs can also be used to pinpoint the location of the house for those buyers that have already scheduled a showing.

Political signs
Political sign printing is used to push awareness of a specific political candidate. They have been used for years to get the community motivated about certain city issues. According to a recent study, over 40% of respondents said that they had first learned of a local political candidate from a sign. Without signage to influence those people, two out of five people may have voted in a different manner simply because there was no name recognition for the candidate. Additionally, a lack of political signage often leads to reduced voting numbers. With voting numbers already lacking in some areas, this can be troublesome for communities that want to change their current political leaders.

Safety and security signs
While construction mesh banners might be used to improve the safety on a construction job site, other safety signs are used in places like electrical units, employee only areas, and in progress roads. Safety and security signs are very important because they have a minimal banner installation cost, yet can save a company a lot of money by avoiding accidents of both employees and local customers.

The high ROI of exterior signs
Exterior signs are probably so common because of their high ROI, especially when compared to other forms of external marketing methods. For example, a single onsite sign costs two cents per one thousand views, while a 300 line newspaper ad costs $2.81 per one thousand views and might only reach 53% of the market. Exterior signs are an extremely convenient and cost effective method for getting the word out about a business, a political party, or safety concern.

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