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Sea Glass Jewelry Continues to Grow in Popularity

Sea glass bracelet designs

Your girls only received one gift each for Christmas this year. You made a purchase of two sea glass pendants that were representative of Thor family’s upcoming family vacation. With a trip planned to Santorini, Greece, in celebration of two graduations and an anniversary, you had said there would be no gifts. You decided,however, that the sea glass pendants were a great representation of the days that you would be spending on the beach.
Three years ago when you realized that your youngest daughter would be graduating for high school, your oldest daughter would be graduating from college, and you and your husband would be celebrating your 30 year anniversary, the family began making a plan for the trip of a lifetime. You still have several types of beach glass that your girls collected when they were little and you vacationed out of the country. On that trip to the island of Malta the girls were much younger and they could spend hours at a time collecting sea shells and sea glass. No doubt this n still trip out of the country will still include plenty of time at the beach, so you thought the sea glass necklaces would be a perfect present. Perhaps even a way to stay focused on not spending so much on unnecessary items between now and then. Saving for more opportunities on the trip.
Sea Glass Jewelry Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Colors
Often the color of sea glass jewelry is an indicator of where that piece i from. The shape of the glass, however, can be an indicator of how old that piece is. Because glass always breaks in a straight line, most sea glass pieces are triangular. Pieces that end up in an oval shape can be as old as 100 years in the making as it takes a lot of tumbling to turn these triangular pieces into an oval. The churning in the water eventually rounds of the sharp corners of the triangles, but these ovals are rarely perfect.
Because sea glass has become more and more popular in the last 10 years, many of the popular beaches have been picked clean. As a result, sea glass jewelry may continue to grow in value. Another reason that sea glass is less common in many parts of the world is that more and more people are recycling. In the past, when most people did not have recycling programs in place, trash and glass would be buried under the sand at the waters edge. This would result in sea glass years later. Now that most of the world’s glass production turing to plastics, and more and more places implementing recycling programs, sea glass is diminishing.

Whether you plan to look for your own sea glass on an upcoming vacation, or you hope to purchase sea glass pendants while you are traveling, you will have a unique piece of art that was created by the ocean and years of tumbling.

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