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What Do We Look For In Jewelry? What Your Tastes Say About You

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Jewelry is a luxury we love to indulge in.

To bedazzle our wrists or decorate our necks is to bring out our innermost personality for all to see. Not only do we use custom jewelry and Bering watches to put ourselves on blast, we use precious stones to show our friends and family what they mean to us. Is it possible to enjoy the luxurious appeal of high-end jewelry while still contributing positively to the environment? This question is being asked more and more…and companies may just have an answer.

The delicate balance between environmental awareness and finely crafted diamond rings is perfectly suited to the art form. Let’s find out how.

Firstly…what do people buy rings, necklaces and bracelets for? For many centuries up to the modern day jewelry has been used to convey sentiment, decorate elaborate outfits and commemorate special occasions. Diamond experts are quite familiar with the emotions that undercut each and every purchase, providing consultation and new designs every year to couples, individuals and families alike. You can even design your own ring and determine its make and its color. Your jeweler will no doubt be able to meet the most particular order with grace and accuracy.

Silver is silky and simple, appealing in every single form it comes in and cementing itself as one of the West’s absolute favorite precious metals. Silver mining began nearly 5,000 years ago, progressing forward and taking on forms ranging from engagement rings to being combined with various metals to create new results. Due to silver’s ability to be blended quite easily with zinc or cadmium new rules have been established to provide standards for the average jeweler. Jewelry that is at least 92% pure silver can actually be called silver, sterling silver or sterling.

Gemstones all bear their own unique meaning, not unlike a bouquet of flowers, and should be carefully considered when investing in engagement rings or a birthday gift. You can base your jewelry off of an individual’s birthday month or just choose one that gets across the best message possible. The most important factor for most buyers is the color, with hue, tone and saturation following close behind. The moonstone is considered very feminine and gentle, while the opal is a popular choice to celebrate a long marriage. If you want to go classic it doesn’t hurt to look for a pearl necklace. Which one you’ll choose can be further discussed between you and your jeweler.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. This wisdom has held fast for decades and we’ve yet to see another precious stone buck this reputation. The diamond has been used to present longevity, devotion and prestige, made even stronger by its natural qualities and brilliant finish. The diamond ranks a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it the world’s hardest substance. The four main factors that determine a diamond’s value are color, carat, cut and clarity, all of which are carefully selected and cultivated by talented artisans with years of experience.

Ethical and safe diamond mining is becoming increasingly popular among younger generations, suggesting a positive influence from here on out when it comes to purchasing jewelry. It’s estimated over 75% of today’s natural diamonds are used for industrial purposes, with the rest devoted solely to gemstones. Studies have shown buyers are more likely to invest in jewelers that obtain their diamonds through ethical means, supplementing the increasingly green movements of the past few years. When you invest in a diamond appraisal, consider making a green purchase one of your many dealbreakers.

We all love a good diamond necklace. Where will your unique tastes take you this year?

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