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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Add Character to Your Home

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Your home is more than just your castle. It is a reflection of your personal style. The problem is many of us are not happy with the way our homes look. In recent surveys, only one-fifth of all people in the United States said they were happy with the decor in their home. The styles we like for our homes is different. About 44% of all Americans say they like traditional looks, another 22% say they prefer modern homes, about 13% like electric home, nearly 10% like the country look, and 2% want a look that says “global.” To improve the look of your home and give it more character, there are small things you can do. From adding a few accents such as embroidered tissue box covers or linen tissue box covers to changing up the patterns and colors of your space, you can add character to your space without breaking the bank. Here are a few things you can do to make your home look more like you live there.

  1. Use bold colors. While this is not as subtle as adding a small embroidered tissue box cover to your bed or living room, using bold paint on your walls and ceilings can really change up the look of your home. Some people overlook just how much of a statement they can make by changing their walls to a bold and bright color from white or beige. This is a good and cost-effective way to make a real statement.
  2. Look at patterned wallpaper. If you want to add style and texture to your space, getting some interesting wallpaper is often the best way to go. This is another simple thing you can do to transform your space from boring to bold and daring without taking out a second mortgage on your house, condo,andnbsp; or apartment. There are a lot of options out there with wallpaper. Another idea is to use it to decorate your ceilings. People can often neglect the look of their ceiling but you can really make a statement with it.
  3. Add reclaimed wood to your space. More and more people are adding decorative pieces and other furniture items that have been made of reclaimed wood to their home to get a more distinctive and different look for their space. No matter what look you are going for in your home, be it rustic or global, you can find interesting items made from reclaimed wood.
  4. Add some interesting wall molding. Like your ceilings, you can change up your space by putting in homemade wall moldings. Even if you are not all that handy with DIY projects, it can be really easy to put in new crown moldings around your house. Once you have them in, you may be surprised at how different they can make your space. Simple additions can set the tone for your house, apartment, or condo. Add some vintage rugs. Throw rugs can add a lot of character to any space. These can add accents to your space in the same way that adding embroidered pillows or embroidered tissue box covers to your space adds character and personality. No matter what the floor situation is at your home, adding vintage rugs to your space is a simple and easy way to change up the look and feel of the space. You can even get a few rugs with differing but complementary styles, sizes and shapes to create a multidimensional look. You can also change up your rugs to match the time of year. Then your home will reflect your style and the time of year.andnbsp;
  5. Put in a few pieces of antique furniture. If you like the idea of a more traditional home, or even if you like a modern look, adding a piece or two from the local antique shop can have a similar impact to adding the accents such as embroidered tissue box covers, decorative pillows or embroidered hand towels to your bathrooms.

Your home should reflect who you are. It does not take a lot of energy and money to add certain accents such as embroidered tissue box covers to change up the look of your space.

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