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Beards Why They Work and When They Might Not

Beard care

Beards. They are seen as attractive, a sign of protection and comfort. They are seen as a symbol of the manly man, capable of taking on the world and making cabins out of wood. They are seen as the counter-culture movement, for musicians and band members. They are seen as hipster, when it comes to the artist.

There are many different connotations when it comes to the beard. It can mean many things. Women see men with a beard differently than they see men with stubble or men with a smooth shaven face. Men view men with beards possibly in a slightly different way than if a man was smooth shaven or had stubble. There are the connotations of clothes as well.

There are many statistics surrounding the beard, men’s grooming, and shaving industries that are important. They are:

  • Size of the global men?s grooming market in 2017: $20.5 billion
  • The global market for male grooming products is projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020.
  • The largest male grooming market is Western Europe, valued at $12.4 billion in 2015.
  • The global male grooming market is projected to grow at a rate (CAGR) of 5.2%
  • Male shaving products are expected to reach $18.1 billion by 2020.
  • Male shaving products are expected to account for 30% of total sales by 2020.
  • The hair care industry will become a $91 billion industry by the year 2019.
  • Shampoos contributed to a 34% market share in 2014 and will reach a market value of almost 28 billion dollars in 2019.

There are beards of different shapes and sizes. There is the full beard, which is a large beard that musicians are most likely to have. They go down past the chin, sometimes down to the chest, sometimes down to the waist. There is the half beard, which is a basic beard on the face.

Beards can be fluffy, they can be patchy, they can be many things. The quality of a beard depends on the care a person puts into it and whether parts of his face grow hair or not. It’s possible to have patches in a beard unless it grows out to a certain length and then the patches will fill up.

Caring for a beard requires a technique and it requires certain materials. There is beard oil, for instance, which a kind of oil that is put into the beard that makes it more gorgeous and lustrous compared to a regular beard without oil. Beard oil comes in different kinds and brands. There is all natural beard oil for instance, which is organic.

There are terms that are important for the writing of this article. They are scented beard oil, beard oils, beard oil kit, beard care, and more. The beard oil kit is particularly important as it has many different tools in the kit to help with the placement of the oil in the beard.

The beard oil kit comes from many companies. The beard oil kit has many proponents.

The beard has different connotations among women. Some like it, others don’t. But there is a general consensus for women, at least in one study, that a beard makes a man more likely to have a significant relationship with. This is because a beard, allegedly, makes a man appear more masculine, capable of taking on threats to the woman, and strong.

This is different compared to men who were clean shaven and men who had stubble. Men who were clean shaven did not score highly in many categories. The men who had stubble scored the highest for women who wanted to have casual sex encounters. This stands to reason as the stubble indicates an edge to a person and a risky nature.

The beard, then, has different connotations depending on the person who has it. A beard on a musician might have a different connotation than a beard on an artist. Both may indicate similar things, but the result at the end of the day has to do with a person and what their motivations might be. This is a serious issue.

Knowing the differences in beard and beard care is critical to maintaining a beard that looks lustrous and fresh. Educating a person is important. Finding the right beard kit, applying the oil, and looking fresh and manly helps.

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