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Out With The New And In With The Old Gifting A Quality Watch For A Friend

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Going classy with your gifts can easily backfire. After all, it’s technically already been done before…right?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to do something nice for someone. In fact, glancing at history’s many pages can yield ideas that feel fresh all over again. One such way of eschewing bandwagon trends in favor of an idea that lasts is bottling up the very concept of time itself. A quality watch is a brilliant gift that’s practical, easy to wear and an instant way of classing up any ensemble. But which one to buy? Should you look into a Patek Philippe for sale or perhaps buy used Rolex models to keep your budget happy?

Become acquainted all over again with the timeless perspective by looking below and learning about why a watch could be what you’ve always wanted someone else to want.

We’re all familiar with the classic sundial. We know calendars, recordkeeping and judging the position of the moon were just a few ways ancient civilizations kept track of their days. But when did the watch actually come to be? It’s estimated the watch was first constructed all the way back in the 15th century, though it wouldn’t be for another two centuries or so until it would reach the pinpoint accuracy we all know and love today. These watches would undergo rigorous design changes to not just make them fall on the perfect dot, but remain resistant to water, pressure and, yes…even time.

The watch is a complex piece of machinery with a deceptively simple appearance. The beat of a watch, characterized by its classic ticking sound, moves at one fifths of a second. It’s the escape wheel striking the pallets that produces the sound we’ve come to associate with looming deadlines and old-fashioned townhouses. The double-quick of a watch is a term to denote the setting position from which the watch winding stem assembly will let a person change the date or day without having to adjust the hands through an entire period. Yet another aspect to thank your average engineer for.

The first waterproof wrist watch was created by Rolex all the way back in 1926. That alone might give you an idea as to whether or not you’d want a Patek Philippe for sale or a series of girls Rolex watch models. The Rolex GMT Master was also the first watch to track two time zones at once. Yes, what you usually take for granted on your phone or favorite search engine used to be one of humanity’s most unique achievements! It’s important not to understate the appearance of a watch, however. You want to make sure someone’s proud to wear it on their wrist.

A Patek Philippe for sale will more than cover the basics when it comes to a sleek appearance and quality undercurrent. They come in many bold neutrals, ranging from brown to black, and are accompanied by classic rose golds and silvers to soothe any traditional taste. Mens watches tend to be bulkier and heavier, while girls watches are often slimmer and favor more rounded lines. A gold-plated watch uses a thin coating of gold alloy over a base metal, with the recommended minimum thickness being around 10 microns. This ensures a proper final seal that can last for a good, long time.

A proper watch should be waterproof, durable and lovely to witness. Whether you make the plunge for a Patek Phillippe for sale or would rather go along the lines of a Bertolucci watch, rest easy knowing you’ve made a very classy decision, indeed.
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