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6 Tips to Care for Your Fine Jewelry

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Wedding bands are meant to special and custom wedding bands are even more special because no two are just alike. Wedding bands and engagement rings should be special and you want to make sure they are just right for the perfect one, so choosing the right amount of diamonds and the perfect setting is important. Diamonds are the best way to express love and they’re rare making them popular, despite the fact that they form close to 100 miles below the surface of the earth. The average price of an engagement ring is close to $6,000 meaning after purchasing you want to do everything possible to make sure it is taken care of. Follow these tips to keep your engagement rings and custom wedding bands in perfect shape for years to come.


Knowing how to store your custom wedding bands and diamond jewelry is important to keep it in excellent shape. Don’t ever store your rings together. Any master jeweler will tell you that custom wedding bands, handcrafted jewelry and diamond jewelry should all be stored in separate compartments. These should be surrounded by soft material and should not be able to hit anything or each other. This prevents nicks and scratches in them during storage.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleanings will help extend the life of your custom wedding band and other jewelry. Cleaning them in between checkups is not hard and you don’t have to buy special cleaners to do it. A simple solution of warm water and mild dish washing soap can be used to clean and restore the luster of your jewelry.


You may not think about the number of chemicals that you come in contact with each day, but these chemicals are not good for your jewelry. It is almost second nature to remove your custom wedding band and other rings before you touch cleaning chemicals and solutions, but there are others that you should be aware of and avoid. Things such as lotion, perfume, lotion, shampoo, conditioner and sunscreens can cause a filmy residue to form on your rings. Left unattended this can eventually cause damage to your ring.


There are many reasons that people remove their rings, but one common problem is that people forget where they put it sometimes. If you make a habit of putting your rind in one place and only one place when you remove it then you reduce the likelihood of loosing it. Choose a drawer or a pocket on your purse or some place small that you put it every time. It will eventually become habit to put it there, so you won’t have to search multiple places when you take it off.

Go Easy and Avoid the Risk

Diamonds are expensive and rare, and custom rings are even more rare. That means there are certain activities that you should not wear your ring while doing. Swimming in the ocean, climbing the mountain, sailing in a hot air balloon… While you may not find yourself doing all of these things you get the jist. Don’t take chances with your custom wedding bands and other custom rings. Keep them safe and remove them if you will performing risky activities.


This one may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people opt to not get jewelry insurance on their rings and custom wedding bands. Many people think it will fine and there is no real reason for insurance. In the year 2017 only 30 million people opted for insurance for their jewelry. Unfortunately many usually find out a little too late that insurance is a wise choice and they should have taken the time to invest in it. Don’t make the all too common mistake with insurance, check into it, find the protection that works for you and get it so you don’t regret it later.

Caring for precious jewelry is not necessarily easy, but it is necessary. Spending a little time now can save you money later down the road. Follow these tips to ensure that your wedding band set always looks it’s best.

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