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The Importance Of Using Reusable Bags Instead Of Disposable Bags

From personalized wine totes to the personalized trick or treat bag, using a reusable bag in place of a disposable one can make a huge difference. Disposable bags are hugely detrimental for a number of reasons. For one, disposable bags can get expensive over time, especially as many areas in the country of the United States have implemented bag taxes to try to curb the use of disposable paper and plastic bags. And it goes almost without saying that disposable bags are bad for the environment. For these reasons (that will be further discussed below), getting reusable personalized wine totes is a small change that everyone can make on the path towards sustainability – and it’s a small change that can make a big difference.

For starters, using disposable bags have a hugely negative effect on the environment. They take an incredibly long time to break down – as many as one thousand years in certain environments and no less than fifteen even in the best of conditions – meaning that they are with us for good once they are created and distributed. Even though paper bags are better than plastic bags in that they will decompose faster if left in a natural environment, they are often sent to landfills, where they do not get this chance and instead do not decompose and contribute to the growing problem of waste not only in this country but around the world as a whole.

Plastic bags also often wind up in seas and oceans around the world, where they not only contribute to waste but also pose a threat to much marine life. In just one year, more one million animals in total will die from the ingestion of plastic bags and other plastic products that have been disposed in the ocean. These animals are most commonly seagulls, sea turtles, and other marine animals. One million birds alone will die, as will a total of one hundred thousand sea turtles. This is because plastic bags, when in an ocean environment, are all too often mistaken for creatures such as jellyfish and plankton, which are edible to many ocean life forms. Discarded plastic bags often wash up on the beach as well, and make up at least ten percent of all the debris that is washed up on the coastline of beaches around the world.

Worst of all – this is hard to prevent while we continue to use plastic bags in such high volumes, as only around two percent of all plastic bags can actually be recycled. Fortunately, making the switch to using reusable bags such as personalized wine totes can make a big difference in halting the spread of plastic bag waste throughout the world. A reusable bag can be used as many as seven hundred times, giving it a far greater lifespan than a plastic bag that is typically disposed after only just one use. From the reusable grocery bag to personalized wine totes, reusable shopping bags are one such way that average American consumers are cutting down on waste in a significant way. In fact, if just one person switches completely over to using reusable bags, they can save the environment from being polluted and destroyed by as many as twenty two thousand plastic or otherwise disposable bags.

From personalized wine totes to wholesale recycled shopping bags, replacing disposable paper and plastic bags with reusable bags is an important step that we all can take in order to better our environment. And wholesale reusable bags such as personalized wine totes are even more cost effective for the shopper overtime, making it a win win situation. It can be hard to change any habits that you have had for a long time, but making a change is often well worth it in the long run. The convenience of plastic and paper bags are not worth and cause much more harm than any good at all that they do. Convenience is far from the most important factor and switching to reusable bags, while a hard switch to make at first, is often easily adapted into most – if not all – lifestyles.

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