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Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Choose A Great Design

Your body is a temple. …So decorate it!

This logic has been found in countless cultures across the centuries, manifesting as some of the most incredible forms of artistic expression ever seen in human history. This can be dying your hair a wild color, trying out a septum nose ring or hiring a professional to transform your skin into a painter’s canvas. Tattoo art is a fascinating field, one of personal meaning and unique fashion, and one more people are trying as of late. If you’ve been feeling the winds of change calling your direction and demanding you upgrade with a new sleeve, it’s time to do some research.

From famous tattoo artists to laser tattoo removal, the list below will have everything you need to know.

Interesting Fun Facts About Tattoos And Piercings

The history of body modification is just as fascinating as the process. Elaine Davidson of Scotland now holds the record for the most body piercings, with May of 2016 seeing a whopping 9,800 piercings. When it comes to tattoos look no further than Lucky Diamond Rich, a man from new Zealand who has visited hundreds of tattoo artists to cover himself head-to-toe in body art. Tattoos are far from a new invention, as well. Ancient cultures had their own relationships with body modification, such as creating tattoos as a rite-of-passage or a means of self-expression.

Popularity Of Tattoos In America

You likely already know someone who has a tattoo. In fact, that could be the very jealousy that inspired you to start looking up your city’s local famous tattoo artist to get some of that modification yourself! A recent survey found nearly 15% of Americans of all ages have at least one tattoo, if not several. Another 5% of the American population has covered up a tattoo with another one, too. An additional Harris Poll conducted back in 2015 saw nearly 50% of Millennials and 35% of Gen Xers saying they have a tattoo in place. Never fear…your like-minded people have always been here.

Common Tattoo Types

It doesn’t hurt to start fishing for ideas to get you started on the path to visual righteousness. Some of the most common tattoos today run their course along the lower arm, the shoulder, the upper back, the lower back and the ankle. Flowers, skulls, religious symbolism, Chinese characters, names, portraits, phrases and cartoon characters are among the most popular. If this is your first time it’s suggested you start out small and work your way up. Removing tattoos is an involving process, after all, and you’d rather avoid the trouble, wouldn’t you?

Removing Tattoos Properly

It’s possible to remove tattoos, though you should always have it done with a professional. Laser tattoo removal relies on state-of-the-art technology to gradually break up the ink beneath the skin and fade it away. It’s a much more effective and much less painful process than old tattoo removal, but that doesn’t mean you should get sloppy with your tattoo decisions! Considering the hours you have to sit in the chair not just consulting with an artist, but actually getting a tattoo drawn and colored, it’s worth the trouble to take time with your decision.

Choosing The Best Tattoo Shops

You’ve decided you want to meet with a famous tattoo artist and go all out with your first form of body modification. How do you go about choosing the best tattoo shops in Metro Detroit? The first thing you need to do is make sure your artistic expression is both true to yourself and within reason. This can be done by getting a consultation with a tattoo artist and asking them about how best to go about your idea. Keep in mind that some areas of the body are much more sensitive, such as the top of the foot or the front of the chest, and color will take more time than a black and white illustration.

Tattoo addiction is very real. Who knows? After you meet with a famous tattoo artist and get your first you may already be on your way to a second!

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