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6 Reasons to Use Reusable Shopping Bags

If you’re like most people, every new week comes with new errands. Considering that, one of the most important errands for households across America involves purchasing groceries. Many people complete this task so often, they might not think about what they’re carrying. To be more specific, it’s important to be aware of how harmful plastic grocery bags are. Therefore, you’ll want to think about carrying reusable insulated bags for your next shopping trip. With that in mind, here are six important reasons to consider choosing reusable shopping bags.

  1. Not Dealing with Piles of Empty Plastic Bags

    After grocery shopping, the first thing many people do is unload their items. Once you’ve placed these groceries inside of your home, it’s not likely you’ll need those empty plastic bags. Therefore, you’re now left with a pile of bags that you’ll never use. If you own reusable bags, you won’t run into this problem. In fact, statistics show that the average reusable bag will last as long as over 700 disposable plastic bags. You’ll also remove a lot of clutter from your counter after going shopping.
  2. Much Better for the Environment

    As mentioned earlier, plastic bags tend to pile up quickly after visiting the grocery store. Considering that, it’s important to know what happens to these items after they’re tossed out. It’s estimated that over 1,100,000 sea animals die each year from consuming plastic. Unfortunately, these animals mistake plastic bags and particles for other animals. One study found that a single person using reusable bags throughout their life would remove over 22,000 plastic bags from the environment. Therefore, you can help solve this growing problem by bringing reusable bags with you while shopping.
  3. Potential Discounts from Certain Grocers

    The movement to end plastic bags is gaining momentum. Considering that, many grocers have begun offering rewards to customers that bring reusable bags. In some cases, you might even receive a small discount on your groceries. That being said, this is dependent on where you shop. Other grocers even have their own custom insulated bags for customers to purchase.
  4. Carrying a Sturdier Bag

    You’ve likely experienced the embarrassment and anger that happens when items bust through flimsy plastic bags. After this happens, you have to deal with picking your groceries up off a dirty floor or parking lot. This means dealing with the hassle associated with wasting money on groceries that are now likely unusable. Fortunately, this hassle is easily avoided by carrying reusable bags. You can even find custom insulated bags that work well for keeping groceries at temperature until you’re home.
  5. Plastic is a Hassle to Recycle

    If you’re concerned about the environment, you might think about simply recycling those plastic bags. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as you might think. Recycling companies need to closely watch their costs. Considering that, plastic bags are materials that cost more to recycle than they’re worth. This leaves companies no choice but to toss our plastic. In turn, this contributes to the growing problem of more plastic ending up in the trash.
  6. Reusable Bags are Available in a Wide Range of Styles

    It gets boring carrying around the same plastic bags. You won’t have this problem with reusable bags. These bags are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Therefore, this gives you the option of expressing your sense of style while you shop. Whether you’re preferring something bright and flashy or a bit more subtle, there’s a perfect reusable bag for you.

In conclusion, there are many advantages associated with using reusable shopping bags. If you don’t have these bags, consider contacting a reliable reusable bag company. You’ll be able to find a wide range of bags available. For instance, you might prefer an insulated bag for keeping milk, yogurt, and other items cool while you shop. Regardless of which type of reusable bag you choose, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

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