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The Beanie Hat, Sweatshirt And Scarf Five Essential Cute Winter Items You’ll Need For 2018

The leaves are turning and the temperature is dropping. Back-to-school season is in full swing and with it comes a new brand of fashion to decorate your closet.

Picking a new outfit five times a week (or more if you have extracurriculars) can be a real chore. Sometimes you’re late for the bus and need to run right out the door! On the other hand, it can be embarrassing showing up in an outfit that clearly could’ve used another look. Good fashion should be able to look cute and stylish no matter how much time you have in the morning, on top of being cozy enough for the cold weather. If you’re in need of some life hacks for looking good Monday through Friday, you came to the right place.

The beanie hat, tee shirt and Jersey knit shirt are just a few additions to your closet that can keep you looking good 24/7.

Nothing Like A Sweatshirt For Lazy Days

Sometimes you’re tired and don’t have the energy to coordinate a legendary look. Just toss a sweatshirt over it! An interesting survey went around asking women and girls how they felt about dressing themselves during an average work or schoolweek. It revealed over 60% struggle to find a cute new look on a daily basis. Today nearly 65% of Americans claim to own at least 10 t-shirts in their wardrobe, whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved. Consider getting a cute sweatshirt or two to throw over a pair of jeans or leggings for a cute casual look that can’t be beat!

A Beanie Hat Can Top Off Any Look

Not sure what to wear with your mama bear shirt? A beanie hat will keep your head warm while giving you a little pop of personality. Today clothing accounts for over 55% of the budget for back-to-school shopping in the United States. In fact, back-to-school shopping season is the second largest seasonal shopping period besides Christmas! The beanie hat can come in different knit styles, colors and patterns, making it easy to appreciate a popular trend while still adding your own unique flavor. You can also combine your beanie hat with…

Just Toss On A Long Knitted Scarf

An important aspect of cute casual is to have a closet with enough variety to let you experiment, but enough familiar staples to make getting dressed a breeze. A long knitted scarf can be tied in a dozen different ways and paired with your knitted beanies or baggy sweatshirt. Every year there are over 80 billion articles of clothing produced and sold around the world. Thanks to online shopping, it’s easier than ever to browse beautiful clothes online for smart prices and have them delivered to your doorstep in time for the holidays.

Colorful Or Pattern Leggings Are Your Best Friend

Leggings are going to be your best friend, offering you a lot of coziness while letting you stretch your creative muscles. You can pair them with shorts for a cute nerdy look, layer them with a sweatshirt for a casual Friday or wear them under a dress to stay snug even as you dress up. If you’re thinking of getting a few leggings, try to get a neutral pair (gray and brown matches with everything) as well as a colorful or patterned pair. Popular patterns include flowers, stripes and polka dots.

Keep Your Cold Weather Accessories On Standby

When in doubt? Just keep your cold weather accessories on standby and toss them on so you can straddle that fine line between stylish and cozy. Your beanie hat will go great with a pair of knitted gloves, while a long scarf will make even your most basic leggings stand out. The American e-commerce revenue from fashion and footwear is expected to hit a staggering $90 billion by the time 2021 arrives. Basically, girls fashion and cute winter clothes are hitting an all-time high. You might have your mind on which clubs you’re going to join, but looking good never hurt anybody.

Grab those knit caps and get ready for cooler weather with a look that’s truly you.

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