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Wedding Table Linens for Your Special Theme

One of the most exciting times in anyone’s life is when they are getting married. And lots of people are doing it: every weekend in the U.S. there are about 44,230 weddings; while annually, there are about 2.4 million weddings. That is a lot of planning!

Planning a wedding is filled with hope, promise and dreams-coming-true. It is also a time of endless choices and decisions! It can actually be very stressful.

Brides can feel an enormous amount of pressure to do everything perfectly and to have the “perfect wedding”. The majority of brides feel this way–63%–, in fact, as per WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed Report.

One major source of decision-making comes with the reception. The important question is: what is the theme of the wedding. Is it rustic? Classic? Something in-between? The options are only limited by one’s imagination.

But once there is a decision on a theme, then the realities of making that vision come to life in the wedding venue appear. It’s time to arrange the reception area!

The reception will speak volumes about the bride and her personal taste. In order to achieve the look that she wants, she will have to select table linens and napkins to suit her table arrangements.

Having beautifully set tables begins with table skirts. But how to keep table skirts safe? Fortunately, there are handy accessories such as clips for table skirts, fitted tablecloths, table clips and more to achieve this end.

One of the most ingenious accessories in this category has to be the metal table skirting hanger. You might not be familiar with a metal table skirting hanger, but once you find one, you’ll never go back!
This wonderful invention takes the concept of a coat hanger and improves on it. A metal table skirting hanger is durable and affordable and usually it is “coated” (no pun intended!) to prevent snagging linens. This accessory makes it easy to transport table skirts, giving brides one less detail to worry about!

To sum up, weddings are as individual as the people getting married. Some are big, some are small. On the average, about 136 guests are in attendance at a wedding. For all that might be planned– a lavish reception, a festive rehearsal dinner or a celebratory day-after brunch–beautiful table linens will set the tone for the whole party. And in all the photos and videos, the lovely table settings and linens will be part of all the special memories to cherish for years to come.

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