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Getting the Right Kind of Wallet

Most American adults carry cash and credit cards and other plastic monetary cards with them in public, and these items need someplace place to be kept safely. Men nearly always have a wallet of one kind or another for carrying cash and cards, and often, these wallets, whether a thick leather wallet of a titanium wallet money clip, will be put into a pants pocket. Women, meanwhile, use wallets as a convenient way to keep their cash and cards organized in one place, and usually put these wallets somewhere in their purses. No one would want to lose their cash or cards in a messy purse, especially in an emergency. And today, wallets such as a titanium wallet money clip or a carbon fiber card wallet, are fashion accessories that many consumers around the world will want to buy, and such accessories factor heavily into the worldwide accessories and fashion market. Just how popular are wallets, and what kinds are there? Is an ultra slim wallet the right kind, or a money clip or a checkbook wallet?

The Fashion Market Today

Fashionable and trendy items from a titanium wallet money clip to purses and sunglasses are part of the worldwide fashion market, and it is quite large. In fact, the majority of new fashion customers today are between ages 16-24 or 25-34 age groups, and they are all looking for purses, wallets, and more for personal statements and convenience alike. What is more, the total number of fashion consumers is due to grow to nearly 1.2 billion worldwide by the year 2020, and the United States and China are two major markets for this. Wallets and purses, among other things, can be bought online as a part of e-commerce, and China stands as the single biggest e-commerce market, worth $672 billion, and the United States ranks second at $340 billion. And the Fashion and Apparel Industry Report stated that worldwide revenue in this industry may increase over the next four years. As of 2018, it was worth $481.2 billion, and by 2022, it may grow to an impressive $712.9 billion. What kinds of wallets can men and women alike look for in the middle of all this?

Types of Wallets

A number of general wallet models can be found, varying based on consumer preference, aesthetic, and the items intended to be carried. A titanium wallet money clip, for example, is a type of super slim wallet that some customers may refer, since it has a narrow profile and is difficult for thieves to swipe plastic cards out of. These wallets’ narrow profile makes them convenient for sitting on if the user has them in a back pocket, but those with a wallet clip should note that they have a limited capacity for carrying cash, and they will probably not be able to carry coins. For customers who mainly use cards and limited cash, a wallet clip is a strong choice of product. These clips can have various patterns on their surfaces, and may even have false or real leather for an enhanced look.

Meanwhile, bifold wallets are the staple model, and may often be what most people picture when they hear “wallet.” These wallets are folded in half and open up easily to reveal pockets for cards on both sides, and they will have a single, larger pocket when opened where cash bills and coins may be stored. Under the pockets may be found two smaller pockets, one on each side, for storing more items, and some such wallets have a clear display sleeve where a common item such as a driver’s license can be shown with ease. Similar to this are trifold wallets, which in fact have three sections, allowing them to store even more items. Such wallets can become very bulky over time, however, unlike a titanium wallet money clip, and may need to be cleared of excess items sometimes.

Finally, checkbook wallets are taller than regular wallets and can carry a lot of items, and as the name suggests, are designed to carry checkbooks for those who need them. These large wallets can also carry passports, making them very convenient for those who often travel. They can carry large paper bills as well, such as Euros.

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