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Why Temporary Tattoos Are Great For Kids Parties

Types of metallic temporary tattoos

Since the dawn of time, human beings have been celebrating a large number of events. These events include holidays, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and so much more. However, birthdays are more often than not the most difficult days to play especially if the birthday party is meant for a child.

In the year 1970, the very first Earth Day was celebrated. In 1880, the very first beermats, or beverage coasters were introduced by a German Printing company. Beverage coasters were introduced to the UNited Kingdom in 1920 to advertise the pale ale from the Watney Brewery. We often view the beverage coasters used today as cool custom gifts given to people.

This is fascinating, yet, our celebrations go back even further. The item that we view as glitter today was first introduced in the

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Considering Taking Your Jewelry for Repair? Here’s What You Should Know

Jewelry or watch repair

Although there are different ways to make a loved happy, pieces of jewelry are perhaps the only sure way you can leave a lasting impression on their heart. In fact, statistics show that in any given year, about 38 million American will purchase fine jewelry or watches. This goes to show just how much people are into jewelry and stuff. However, these pieces are not meant to last forever and even the fine ones experience wear and tear after a while. This means that you’d either have to replace them with new ones or consider jewelry repair.

When it comes to investing in new jewelry, most people are hesitant, which is perfectly understood. It’s not easy to let go a piece of jewelry, especially if it’s a wedding band, which you are most likely attached to it emotionally. Hence, the decision of either

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Five Tips for Keeping Up wit Your Favorite Fashion Designers

Sparco home and lifestyle

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you pride yourself on having the latest styles from the best designers? Fashion is important to many people. Yet, with a world full of fashion designers, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and most up to date designs. These tips will ensure that you are always keen to the newest styles on the runway.

Follow your favorite designers on social media
The internet has made connecting with our favorite people easier than ever. You can use the internet and social media not only to keep in touch with your family members but also to keep up with the latest fashion designers. You can know the latest styles and trends within seconds. Simply set up an alert on your phone so that you will be informed when your favorite fashion design

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