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How Important is the Venue Choice In Wedding Planning?

As many as half of all brides find out that planning their wedding is much more stressful than they had previously thought it would be. Some brides spend up to 11 hours planning the event each week during the lead up to the wedding. The average engagement is just over a year, or about 15 months. That is certainly a long time to be stressed. Three out of every four couples choose to live together before the wedding. There must be a way to reduce the chaos in what should be a happy and joyous time.

One Step For Reducing Wedding Planning Stress: Consider Thinking Outside the Box.

Wedding venues have expanded in recent years. Receptions can be held in homes, at hotels, banquet spaces, and even a nice meadow if the couple is so inclined. Choosing a venue for corporate events instead of a traditional romantic setting does have a few benefits.

Planning a Wedding: The First Two Musts on Your T

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A Look At The World Of Sea Glass Jewelry in The US and Beyond

From sea glass pendants to sea glass rings, there’s a lot that you can do with sea glass, and the use of natural glass and stones to make jewelry is something that dates back years, centuries even, and thousands upon thousands of years. In fact, one of the oldest pieces of jewelry ever dates back as many as ten thousand years into the past. This was crafted with beads that were made from Nassarius shells and shaped into beads and then strung, similar in some ways to how we have created jewelry today. But the oldest piece of jewelry that was truly ever discovered dates back significantly father into history, as many as forty thousand years based on the most recent estimates. Made with the shells from ostrich eggs, this piece of jewelry was discovered to have an origin in Kenya, at the Enkapune Ya Muto sight (where the discovery of this piece of jewelry was first ever made). Even sea glass itself in particular has existed for thousands of years – two thousand, to be exact. As soon as gla

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What Magically Draws us to Fashion Designer Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Glamour attracts people and makes them feel certain feelings. Seeing designer fashion for men and designer fashion for women gives people a way to recreate these feelings for themselves. Designer earrings, designer sunglasses, designer shoes, all of these things help to serve a purpose. Designer fashions such as Charles Jeffery Clothing or Henrik Vibskov clothing makes people feel as though they get noticed when they put these designer fashions on. Women especially enjoy designer fashion as they can typically spend about 100 hours per year shopping for clothing. Over 80 years ago women owned an average of nine outfits, however today that number is closer to 30 if not more. Fashion design plays an important role in everyday life and the fashion design field is expected to continue to grow over the years by as mu

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