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First Spa Experience? Don’t be Nervous

Brow tinting

The idea of going to a spa can make some people a bit nervous. What?s going to happen? How do I choose from among so many treatments, like eyebrow tinting or waxing, or so many different kinds of massage? Will I be strong armed into buying spa products like nail products or waxing supplies? Beyond all that, what?s the etiquette for behavior at the spa? If I don’t know what to do or where to go, will people be annoyed with me? Some people who?ve been given gift cards won?t even go because they?re so anxious about the whole experience! If this describes you, here are some tips and information to help you relax and enjoy your first time at a spa:

  • Relax: You Don?t Have to Do Anything You Don?t Want. A lot of people worry about having to remove their clothes for a massage. In America there are strict rules about how you are draped. You?ll never be left just hanging in the breeze, so to speak. And if you prefer not to remove your clothes at all, there are plenty of other treatments that don?t require you to take off anything except perhaps your shoes and socks. Remember, the spa exists to make money by making you comfortable and relaxed. They?re going to be sensitive to your wants.
  • Get a Tour. Most spas are happy to let you take a tour before you decide to come in for treatment. Let them know it?s your first visit and they?ll be primed to answer your questions, explain spa equipment, introduce treatments and spa products, and help you make decisions about what might be right for you.
  • Get There Early, Especially if They Have a Hot Tub! This will give you a chance to relax, and if they have a hot tub or steam room you?ll have a chance to enjoy it for a while before beginning treatment. When you get there, the concierge will tell you what to expect and they?ll make sure you find your way wherever you need to go without any problems.
  • You?ll Know What?s Happening at Each Step. The people in the spa know very well that people can be nervous and that new people aren?t familiar with their facilities. They?ll tell you exactly what?s going to happen next and where to wait and what to do. If you?re moving to another room for a different treatment with other spa products, someone will come and get you.
  • Spas can be wonderful experiences that relax and refresh you inside and out. Don?t miss the benefits solely from a misguided sense of embarrassment: everything will go just fine. More info like this.

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