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Find the Best Prescription Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Sunglasses have been around for over two millennia, and today, 75% of American adults own sunglasses, but prescription and non-prescription. Although it’s important to protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, most of us today think of sunglasses as an accessory. For guys especially, sunglasses for golf or for sports can define your style and allow you to stand out from the pack. It may be tempting to look for the “best” places to buy prescription sunglasses or to go with the latest style from GQ, but in truth, the best sunglasses will work with your face shape and be compatible with your lifestyle.

If you have a broader forehead and a narrow chin, you’ll want some fuller frames.

Going for light colored prescription sunglasses with a rounded bottom is a good fit (think 1970′s-style Pilot lenses). These in particular work well as wraparound sunglasses, so as you look into places to buy prescription sunglasses, see what options they have for cords and eye socks.

If you have an oval or rectangular face–congratulations! You’re set up to look great in nearly any style.

You’ll look best in a more rectangular style that balances the length of your face. Nearly all places to buy prescription sunglasses will have traditional styles to suit your face, leaving you free to focus on what matters most: finding the best polarized lenses for your next adventure.

If your face is round, balance it out with larger, square frames.

The wayfarer style is a great choice because it provides contrast to the curve of your jaw, but any other rectangular shape works for you. While both light and heavy frames can work with you, make sure that they err on the side of being larger to elongate your face.

If you have a square face shape, consider rounder prescription sunglasses.

Because you have that bold, masculine jawline, rounded lenses with lighter frames will give you balance. Polarized aviator sunglasses are an excellent choice and can be found in shatter resistant models for reliability outdoors.

There are plenty of places to buy prescription sunglasses, but not all of them will be the best fit for your personal style. Tracking down the best places to buy prescription sunglasses isn’t just a matter of finding the best performance eye protection–it’s crucial to find the style that makes you look and feel your best, no matter where you are.

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