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What Magically Draws us to Fashion Designer Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Glamour attracts people and makes them feel certain feelings. Seeing designer fashion for men and designer fashion for women gives people a way to recreate these feelings for themselves. Designer earrings, designer sunglasses, designer shoes, all of these things help to serve a purpose. Designer fashions such as Charles Jeffery Clothing or Henrik Vibskov clothing makes people feel as though they get noticed when they put these designer fashions on. Women especially enjoy designer fashion as they can typically spend about 100 hours per year shopping for clothing. Over 80 years ago women owned an average of nine outfits, however today that number is closer to 30 if not more. Fashion design plays an important role in everyday life and the fashion design field is expected to continue to grow over the years by as much as 3% by the year 2026.

Recent studies have been done to determine why women in particular not only spend lavish money on designer things like Charles Jeffery or Henrik Vibskov clothing, but also expensive vacations to exotic places and costly cosmetics as well. Women are undeniably competitive creatures and this comes into play in lifestyle as well, but not for what some may think. The thought process behind these actions may not signal how well off the woman actually is, but it could show her other female friends how well off her mate it. This sort of nonverbal competition is how women show off their husbands, such as how a husband would show off a “trophy wife” to his colleagues or friends.

A fashion or marital status definitely isn’t the only thing that attracts individuals to high end fashion though. There are a number of other factors that play into people’s choices, and what it boils down to is it’s not just all about the name. Certain people need clothing with a certain fit. This fit can be hard to find in mass produced outfits made for everyone. Some may desire certain material, and when looking for clothing or accessories with that material the only options are designer options. Still sometimes it comes down to the story behind the designer. More times than not people feel a sort of connection with the designer which could explain why they are drawn to certain designer fashions such as Charles Jefferey or Henrik Vibskov clothing.

The next time you see someone wearing fashion designer clothes and accessories take some time to think about why they chose those. It’s not always about a status symbol in society. Fashion typically goes far beyond a status symbol and for that reason fashion prices typically go far beyond prices for mass produced clothing and accessories.

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