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A Look At The World Of Sea Glass Jewelry in The US and Beyond

From sea glass pendants to sea glass rings, there’s a lot that you can do with sea glass, and the use of natural glass and stones to make jewelry is something that dates back years, centuries even, and thousands upon thousands of years. In fact, one of the oldest pieces of jewelry ever dates back as many as ten thousand years into the past. This was crafted with beads that were made from Nassarius shells and shaped into beads and then strung, similar in some ways to how we have created jewelry today. But the oldest piece of jewelry that was truly ever discovered dates back significantly father into history, as many as forty thousand years based on the most recent estimates. Made with the shells from ostrich eggs, this piece of jewelry was discovered to have an origin in Kenya, at the Enkapune Ya Muto sight (where the discovery of this piece of jewelry was first ever made). Even sea glass itself in particular has existed for thousands of years – two thousand, to be exact. As soon as glass came into origin, sea glass, from sea glass pendants to sea glass necklaces, came into being right alongside of it. Sea glass now even has its own organization, the North American Sea Glass Foundation, that has as many as ninety members currently enrolled and was first created in the year of 2007, just over ten years ago from the current date in this year of 2018.

But it is only in recent years that sea glass jewelry as we know it today has taken off not only as a niche hobby, but as an industry. Sea glass can be incorporated into pieces of jewelry in many different ways, from sea glass pendants to sea glass rings to sea glass watches even. And there is a piece of sea glass jewelry for everyone, as sea glass comes in a wide variety of different colors – perhaps an even more extensive variety and selection of colors than many people, at least here in the United States, are actively aware of. For instance, orange sea glass is used in some pieces of jewelry such as sea glass pendants. However, it must also be noted that orange sea glass is considered to be the most rare type of sea glass that you can currently find today, and it is typically only found once in about every ten thousand pieces of other colors of sea glass that are also discovered. Blue and green, on the other hand, are much more common sea glass colors, discovered at least in every fifty to one hundred pieces of all sea glass discovered, making them much more likely to be used in the sea glass jewelry that is sold, such as in sea glass pendants or in sea glass charms or even sea glass bracelets.

And sea glass jewelry incorporating sea glass pendants (as well as in other ways) is ideal for a number of occasions that range from the very casual to the very dressed up and formal, fancy even, as one might say. Weddings are common occasions at which sea glass jewelry, from sea glass rings to sea glass pendants, is worn, and sea glass wedding jewelry can be the perfect unique touch to any bride’s ensemble on this, the most special of days. Sea glass jewelry for a wedding is perfectly utilized at a beach wedding, as this is where sea glass itself is discovered. But sea glass can easily be incorporated for other types of weddings as well, perhaps as a delicate touch on a necklace in the form of sea glass pendants for sale, or even on a bracelet or, for the unique bride, in an engagement ring or even in the wedding rings of both bride as well as the groom, if they are going for more of a matching look.

Sea glass jewelry such as sea glass pendants is a great way to express yourself in any occasion, be it on your wedding day or otherwise.

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