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Taking A Look At Popular African American Celebrities In The United States

Keeping up with the latest entertainment news is a common past time not only here in the United States but in many other places all around the world as well. From frequenting a gossip site to watching celeb news television shows, the latest entertainment news is something that many people find themselves invested in. After all, it can be enjoyable to live vicariously through others, and following the lives of celebrities through the latest entertainment news is one very common and popular way to do just that.

But when it comes to celebrities, many of us want to see at least one example of someone like us. For this reason and for many others, diversity in just about everything is important – even in the latest entertainment news. After all, minority populations are on the rise here in the United States, with more than fifteen percent of the entire population of made up of people who are African American. In just the one city of New York alone, more than three and a half million African American people live and carry out their lives.

Fortunately, representation is better than it ever has been before, and there are a plethora of famous African American celebrities of various ages, genders, and backgrounds represented in the latest entertainment news of today, from current news sites to Hollywood gossip sites. Take, for instance, the field of acting, an area where many African American actors have found tremendous success in the recent years passed.

Denzel Washington is a great example of such a person, as a man who has had an incredibly illustrious acting career. Over the course of his career, he has won two academy awards. The first time he won one, he even became only the second African American actor to ever do so, a considerable achievement by any means. And he is far from the only successful African American actor based here in the United States and relevant when it comes to the latest entertainment news.

Will Smith is another great example – and aside from him, his entire family has found success in the entertainment industry, from his wife to his two youngest children. Will Smith has worked in many capacities in the entertainment world, from an actor to a director to a producer. He has even teamed up with his kids to produce work as well. But he has had a great deal of success in nearly everything that he has done, with nearly all of his films grossing at least one hundred million dollars, if not even more than that.

And the world of music has also seen many successful African American artists rise to fame and great deals of success. Take Jay Z, for example, a rapper that has a net worth of as much as six hundred and fifty million dollars. He has also had an astounding eleven chart topping albums, making him even more successful than Elvis, the king himself, in these regards.

And Jay Z’s wife, the much beloved Beyonce, is a darling of the latest entertainment news sites and programs. She too has achieved considerable success, with a net worth of nearly half of a billion dollars, one that certainly rivals the net worth of her husband. She is widely loved not only throughout the entirety of the United States but throughout the entire world as a whole as well. In the years to come, it is only likely that Beyonce’s star will continue to climb and climb alongside that of her equally successful husband’s.

Of course, we can’t forget talk show hosts, because then we’d be leaving out Oprah Winfrey, who is perhaps one of the most famous people in the entire country. Oprah has had an incredible amount of success, overcoming many different obstacles to make it in the entertainment world. Nowadays, even though she does not have her own television show anymore, Oprah manages her very own television network, the fittingly named OWN network. For many people of all ages, races, and backgrounds, Oprah has served as a source of inspiration and motivation.

So when it comes to the latest entertainment news, diversity and representation matter quite a bit.

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